7 Reasons you’re Company Should Use Mail Backup X to Secure Outlook 2011 for Mac Data

Mail Backup X is a professional Outlook 2011 Mac backup Identity Tool
for commercial use

Email is a critical component of business communication. A lot of companies solely rely on emailing applications like Outlook Mac 2011 for their official in-house communication and interaction with current and prospective clients. If your business uses Outlook and happen to be looking for the perfect Outlook 2011 Mac backup Identity tool, then here are exciting reasons you should consider using Mail Backup X.

1. Mail Backup X can preserve vital company data

Mail Backup X is professionally built with the latest advanced special algorithms that make it possible for the software to create Outlook 2011 Mac backup Identity for the long term. You can trust the application to secure your company data for as long as you like without the slightest glitch or loss of data integrity. Also, the application allows users to create archives should they need to delete email messages from the account. Files are also stored for the long term and can be accessed at any time.

2. Keep an eye on staff email communications

All the information backed up on Mail Backup X can be easily accessed through the inbuilt mail viewer. You can quickly click on an item in the viewer window which will open and display all content for you to see. Additionally, data stored in the backup is searchable so that you can simple search for emails sent/received by a particular person. This function is great to monitor and make audits of employee email communications at any given time.

3. Speeds up your email server

With regular automatic Outlook 2011 Mac backup Identity, you can free up space in your email server by deleting email messages that have already been saved or archived. By cleaning your email account often, you free up space in the server which reduces the resources used to process emails and ultimately speeds up the overall email processes.

4. Readily available backup to fight legal issues

In business, there is always the possibility of a legal dispute. Whenever this happens, it can be extremely unfortunate or embarrassing if you can’t provide backups to company data due to technical reasons. Mail Backup X software is always reliable and will easily give you access to your backup files so you can use for your defense. It could be anything from email conversations, contract clauses in your attachment folder or agreements. Having such backups will come in handy during such times.

5. Mail Backup X improves business efficiency and overall productivity

When you need to go to your archives or look for specific information in you Outlook 2011 Mac backup Identity folder, there is no time wastage since the user doesn’t have to check each file manually. Mail Backup X comes with a fast finder tool that allows you to make quick searched through your backup by entering keywords like name, contact info or phrases if you are searching for some content.

6. Low storage costs

Storage is always an issue. Whether you are using local computer storage or an external storage location, you always want to save the most space that can be used for other things. Mail Backup X provides a high compression tool that reduces the size of every file in the mailbox including attachments. The beauty of this tool is that it preserves folder hierarchy and structural property of every data including the quality of images, video or audio files.

7. Mail Backup X is a low-cost solution

Mail backup X comes in different packages dedicated for both small businesses and larger enterprises. All packages are extremely affordable and come with various allowances including installation on multiple workstations, various backup profiles and security for multiple email accounts.

For software that combines other tools like data compression, email conversion, email backup and archive, you will end up saving a lot.

As you can see, indeed the Mail Backup X is an ideal tool you can use to manage your company’s Outlook 2011 Mac backup Identity. To learn more about this software, please check it out at the official website.