Mac Mail Archive Tool By InventPure

Mac Mail Archive Tool that will make you forget about all other backup applications

Mail Archive Tool for Mac

There are a number of scenarios why one would need to backup email files from a Mac mail client. Some of the possible reasons are malfunctioning of the original program, desire to switch to a new email software or simply protection of files from any possible future problem. Whatever the cause might be, you’ll need to make sure to get a professional Mac Mail archive tool like Mail Backup X.

Other backup tools are mostly restrained to one file format, but that’s not the case with Mail Backup X. By paying only once a price that’s more than reasonable considering the offer on the market, you get a multi-functional tool capable of backing up plural file formats like MBOX, PST, OLM, RGE, EML, etc.

Extensive email accounts with thousands of files might be challenging for other backup tools due to its size, but Mail Backup X will process them as accurately and effectively as if it were safeguarding only one email. Additionally, this Mac Mail archive tool will compress the data to a size that requires substantially less storage space. This way the backed up data won’t take up much of the storage on your desktop, or the USB drive and the FTP server if you decide to store the archive on an external device.

Mail Backup X is perfect for file conversion also, so if you, for example, import OLM data from Outlook for Mac in it, it will safeguard it for you for as long as you need. The moment you want to restore the files, you can do it in less time they expected since the files have been compressed and require less time to be transmitted. At some point you might decide to stop using Outlook and switch to Mozilla Thunderbird, for example. Mail Backup X will give you the opportunity to convert OLM files to MBOX or any other format and export them to the corresponding email client. It’s best to use one of the following: Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail or Yahoo.

No matter what the original file format was or what you plan to use as the future extension, you can get an overview of all files in the inbuilt Mail Viewer window. And when you need to find one specific file, just use the advanced search function to find files by the sender’s address or name, the date when the email reached the Inbox, or by the type of attached files. As you can see, Mail Backup X allows you to make complex queries including even the ARE/OR words.

This innovative Mac Mail archive tool doesn’t stop at backing up your files. As we’ve already shown, it tries to leave you with a highly searchable and properly organized archive. One more functionality that makes handling the documents easier after the backup is the possibility to save them in the PDF format. You should consider this feature in case you need to print emails frequently.

Check out the licensed versions of the Mail Backup X on its official page Each license comes with premium lifetime upgrades!