Best Outlook Mac Archive App

Is Mail Backup X the Best Outlook Mac Archive App?

Get the details of the much talked about Mail Backup X application.

When it comes to archiving your Outlook Mac mailbox, there two ways you could always go about it; you could either use the technical export feature from the menu or employ a digital Outlook Mac Archive app. Of course, if you compare the two methods, using a computerized email archiving tool will always carry the day for every end user including the technical people. An archiving application makes the whole process easier and more secure.

While there are many mail archiving tools in the market, Mail Backup X is leading in the line thanks to its rave reviews and general recommendations from users globally. But why is it so? Is Mail Backup X the best Outlook Mac Archive app you can trust to help you preserve your data?

Below, we take a look at the highlighted features that come with this software and try to determine whether indeed it is worth the investment.

Key features of Mail Backup X

1. Easy to setup and operate – Quite frankly, a lot of software apps at the Mac store today put most of their focus on aesthetical design and appealing layout while not paying so much attention to the ease of use for everyone. There is nothing as frustrating as wasting your precious time trying to figure out how a software application works especially considering that it was meant to make your job easier in the first place!

Mail Backup X comes with a very basic design layout that features interactive menus which take you through each step you need to set up your archive profile and preserve your files. Anyone; regardless of their technical background can set up, configure the software and start using this Outlook Mac Archive app without any trouble at all.

2. Straight forward arching procedures – Aside from the usability and operations when setting up the application for the first time, Mail Backup X also provide a very straight forward process of archiving your Outlook Mac data. When using the menus offered by this application, you can just check or uncheck files and all other pieces of information that you would like to send to the archives.

The application also quickly accesses and reads data from all integrated email accounts on the Outlook Mac client. If you have your Gmail synced, then this app will access data from that account and allow you to archive with the rest of the information on Outlook Mac.

3. Import Archives from other Email Clients – While Mail Backup X accesses data from email accounts on Outlook Mac through iMap connections, it also has the capability to import archives from other independent email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Windows as well as Postbox among others.

How does it do that? This Outlook Mac Archive app features an email conversion system that converts the file formats from all other email clients to a similar format that makes it possible to read email messages from the same platform.

4. Exceptional management of archived data – If you have used the manual archiving method, then you know very well how difficult it is to trace and access data in your archives. Time machine does not store data in a sequential format but rather archives everything in the computer and save them in different folders according to date.

Mail Backup X, on the other hand, allows users to view directly, click and read all types of data in the archive folder through an excellently built mail viewer platform. Additionally, in case you need to search for a particular message in your files, this application provides a fast finder tool that will quickly sift through your archives to identify all data that is related to your search query.

5. Mirrored and distributed archives – Data in the archives folder is meant to be future-proof meaning it can always remain in the lockup for as long as you like. The Outlook Mac Archive app will always ensure the security of your data by providing you with a smart way of distributing your archives on different locations. The application can sync with your flash drive, external hard drive, memory can or any other mountable storage device. Also, you can save your archives in a dedicated FTP server protected by a secure password that only you will know.

From the above points, it is pretty clear that indeed Mail Backup X is a must have Outlook Mac Archive app for every Mac user.

Are you still not sure? Why don’t you try out the free trial version and carry out your assessment? You can download the app from


Backing up Apple Mail file with Mail Backup X

The Best Solution to securely save your Apple Mail Backup File

Are you looking to secure your Apple Mail Backup File using an alternative system to Time Machine? The Mail Backup X is what you need. This application provides a straight forward way of backing up your data and reverting them back to your email account whenever you need.

Imagine losing all the important data you have sent and received over the years. It can be very unfortunate if you lose all the business contacts you have collected and all the opt-in email address from your website. Having an excellent email backup system that saves copies of your emails on regular schedules and stores them independently from your mail server or local storage media is the only sure on securing your Mac Mail Backup file.

Time Machine can backup your Apple Mail data for offline access, but unfortunately you just as easily lose your information if the Time Machine gets lost or damaged. Besides, TM is not only dedicated to handling your backup Apple Mail file, but it rather backs up the whole Mac system data and information. With everything stored within its storage, your Apple Mail data gets mixed up with all kinds of data, thus making it hard for you to quickly restore emails from the backups.

What’s the best way to manage Apple Mail Backup file?

Mail Backup X provides a swift and effective way of backing up Apple Mail file. This application is a professionally designed email backup and archiving service that allows you to very quickly and swiftly make copies of your messages from both Web Mail and desktop email clients.

The Mail Backup X app saves you time and energy when managing your files in the backup folder. This app has an automatic backup feature that sends copies of your email to a backup or archive folder at preconfigured schedules. Additionally, the software allows you mirror and distribute your backups/archives to external storage devices or privately secured FTP server connection.

With the power to create and effectively manage your backups, you no longer have to worry about data loss.

Mail Backup X will keep your data safe and retrievable at all times. Try out this software today for free by downloading the demo version at