Backing up Apple Mail file with Mail Backup X

The Best Solution to securely save your Apple Mail Backup File

Are you looking to secure your Apple Mail Backup File using an alternative system to Time Machine? The Mail Backup X is what you need. This application provides a straight forward way of backing up your data and reverting them back to your email account whenever you need.

Imagine losing all the important data you have sent and received over the years. It can be very unfortunate if you lose all the business contacts you have collected and all the opt-in email address from your website. Having an excellent email backup system that saves copies of your emails on regular schedules and stores them independently from your mail server or local storage media is the only sure on securing your Mac Mail Backup file.

Time Machine can backup your Apple Mail data for offline access, but unfortunately you just as easily lose your information if the Time Machine gets lost or damaged. Besides, TM is not only dedicated to handling your backup Apple Mail file, but it rather backs up the whole Mac system data and information. With everything stored within its storage, your Apple Mail data gets mixed up with all kinds of data, thus making it hard for you to quickly restore emails from the backups.

What’s the best way to manage Apple Mail Backup file?

Mail Backup X provides a swift and effective way of backing up Apple Mail file. This application is a professionally designed email backup and archiving service that allows you to very quickly and swiftly make copies of your messages from both Web Mail and desktop email clients.

The Mail Backup X app saves you time and energy when managing your files in the backup folder. This app has an automatic backup feature that sends copies of your email to a backup or archive folder at preconfigured schedules. Additionally, the software allows you mirror and distribute your backups/archives to external storage devices or privately secured FTP server connection.

With the power to create and effectively manage your backups, you no longer have to worry about data loss.

Mail Backup X will keep your data safe and retrievable at all times. Try out this software today for free by downloading the demo version at