Mac Mail Backup with Mail Backup X from InventPure

Create comprehensive Mac Mail Backup with Mail Backup X

Mail Backup X is a unique backup product that can save your Mac Mail files from any systematic failures and crashes. It’s thorough so it will pick up every email, contact and calendar from the email client and archive them properly keeping the organizational structure. Even the attached files, regardless of their format and the Unicode content will pose no problems for Mail Backup X software.

Mail Backup X has an inbuilt Mail Viewer window where you can open all files and search them through using the enhanced search module. It tracks in no time one particular file only based on its date or the format of attached files. You can use Mail Backup X for Mac Mail backup or to save files from Postbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook for Mac, Office for Mac or online programs like Yahoo and Gmail. The great thing about the Mail Viewer window is that it supports all formats produced by these clients so you can open them all in one place without switching between email clients.

Make Mac Mail Backup wherever you want

By setting up incremental backup you basically tell the Mail Backup X to go to the Mac Mail Inbox and backup every new email the moment it arrives. You’ll automate the Mac Mail backup so you never lose an email again.

After that, you’ll need to decide where to store the Mac Mail Backup. One option is to keep it on local Mac disks if there is enough space on them. Keep in mind that Mail Backup X compresses the data so it takes up three times less storage space.

The second option is to sync it to a USB drive or burn files to a DVD disk.

What business users with lots of data will find useful is to integrate Mail Backup X with an FTP server so the data is moved to a remote location.

Check the website of Mail Backup X to find out more about the different license packages and download the trial version to make Mac Mail backup for free.