Apple Mail Backup Archive with Mail Backup X

Install the Mail Backup X and take control of the safety of your emails by creating email archives and backups

If you were looking for an Apple Mail backup and archive tool, look no further because you have landed on the right place. A lot of Mac users do not take the security of their emails very seriously. This is unwise because at any moment, the information in your emails could disappear due to a number of various issues. Therefore, it is always better to stick on the safe side and ensure your emails as well as other important digital data are always safe. The Mail Backup X is a tool developed to help Mac users easily create email backups and archives for their Apple Mail emails as well as other compatible email clients such as; Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail among other mail clients that support IMAP  email protocols.

This tool has a professional, in-built email viewer which makes it easy to view emails from one platform to the next, whether it is Gmail, Yahoo or Office 365 for Mac without having to switch screens. The Mail Backup X for Mac creates Apple Mail backups and archive files in PDF format which means this information becomes searchable, accessible and easily organized. Using this lightning fast advanced search module, you can search these PDF files by time-frame, a word or just the subject and everything you need to know will be displayed in an easy to understand user interface.

The Mail Backup X is full of outstanding features to make it easy for you to create different types of Apple Mail backups and archives.

The Mail Backup X is fitted with lots of features that make it outperform all other backup and archive software for Apple Mail in the market. For instance, using this tool, Mac users do not need to worry about storage space. It is developed using an ultra-high compression algorithm compresses files hence greatly reducing the required storage space by up to 3 times. It also helps to save time on uploading and retrieving data from network servers. With another feature that supports repair recovery record, you do not end up losing your data even in case of any hardware problems.

Download this powerful tool and try it directly from your Mac.