Successful Mac Email Backup and Recovery Software

The Mail Backup X as the ideal solution for successful Mac Email Backup and Recovery

Would you like to back up your mac mail or outlook mac email database however have no experience with the process?

Is it true that you fear losing your valuable email database to mediocre tools that are flooding the web?

Is it true that you are concerned due to terrible experience in the past with emails and email tools?

If your response to the inquiries above was for the most part yes, then you are at the best spot. The Mail Backup X was made particularly for you.

What is the Mail Backup X?

The Mail Backup X is a totally proficient tool that works with all prominent mac email applications and lets you backup and recover data from a variety of mac applications, all without needing any past involvement with the mail backup process. It uncommonly takes into account the basic needs of regular mac users who simply need a speedy and simple approach to make a backup out of their email information. This is precisely what the Mail Backup X accomplishes for you.

Investigate a part of the advantages of using the Mail Backup X

– You can set it up under a minute in only a couple of clicks

– The UI of the tool is straightforward and clear as crystal

– You don’t require past experience to work effectively with the Mail Backup X

– With the Mail Backup X you can now work with applications like mac mail, outlook mac, outlook 365 for mac, thunderbird, postbox and other MBOX based apps.

– The Mail Backup X uses an uncommon compression algorithm that consequently packs your database while storing it in 3 times lesser space.

– The Mail Backup X gives you access to its inbuilt email viewer that gives you a chance to see the contents of other email databases in numerous formats. So you don’t need to change between applications to see what is in the database.

– The tool comes fixed with a quick lightning search feature that gives you a chance to look for the older and archived messages in your database. You should simply enter particular time based inquiry and the device will bring your desired records before you.

– The Mail Backup X underpins both online and offline backup. It can synchronize with your Gmail and Yahoo accounts and backup all the while.

– The best element of the Mail Backup X is the capacity to change over the backed up files into PDF files that anybody can access with a general PDF record viewer.

You can now attempt the free demo of the Mail Backup X to confirm the previously stated advantages. With the free form, you can utilize the tool for 15 days and that is sufficient to fulfill your need for trial runs. When you are satisfied by the free form, you can without much of a stretch request the affordable full form for boundless advantages.

Try not to pass up a great opportunity of using the Mail Backup X. With this in your grasp, now you can call yourself a specialist as well. Try it today and see the future in your own hands, with your own eyes. Try it, it’s free at first.