How to Backup Apple Mail Emails Easily

Learn How to Backup your Apple Mail Emails easily using the New
Mail Backup X for Mac
(Email Backup, Recovery, and Archive tool)

In the current modern world, a lot of the data that is being produced is stored digitally. This advancement in digital technology has seen the amount of information produced on a daily basis grow exponentially. The internet especially has inspired people the world over to communicate via social networks, chat, and video services as well as the good old email communication. Email communication has stood the test of time to remain one of the most relevant forms of digital communication to date. This can be attributed to the fact that emails are very suitable to use whether in a social or professional setting.

Have you ever asked yourself just how safe the data in your email account is? Well, it is not that safe. According to reports published by Mail clients such as Gmail and Apple Mail, the number of accounts that suffer from external attacks, software and hardware malfunctions or even accidental deletions is staggering. As a result, it is crucial for both businesses and individuals to take a step in the right direction and take control of the security of their emails.

For easy and efficient email backups, you need a tool you can trust and rely on. Nonetheless, finding a good email backup widget, especially for Mac users with an Apple Mail account often proves difficult. Most tools in the market are either unstable, too slow or they simply offer limited services that narrow down the choice of the user in terms of creating a customized email backup solution.

The Mail Backup X is a powerful tool for Mac users that does just that. With this tool, Mac users are able to backup, convert, view and archive their emails. The email backup and archive files are then stored in PDF format for easy retrieval and access across multiple email clients. The PDF format also helps maintain the original structure of every email to ensure zero percent data loss.

The Mail Backup X is the most advanced backup and archive tool for Apple Mail with endless features and functionality


The Mail Backup X is fitted with a technology known as ultra-high compression that manages to save up to three times the storage space for backing up all your files. The transmission time for backing up the data whether on a server or a hard drive is also greatly reduced, hence saving you time it takes to backup all Apple Mail emails. The archived and backed up files are encrypted for maximum security against external threats such as hacking or software issues. Furthermore, the Mail Backup X is able to create backups and archives for emails in other third party accounts besides Apple Mail including; Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Office 365 for Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox among other email applications that support IMAP services.

Enjoy multiple features for easy creation of Apple Mail backups and archives with the Mail Backup X

The features contained in the Mail Backup X for Mac make it stand out as the best backup, recovery and email archiving software in the market. Besides being a backup, archive, and email recovery tool all at once, the Mail Backup X can also be used as an email viewer, as long as your email client supports IMAP mail protocols. This is made possible by the inbuilt mail viewer interface installed in this tool. As a result, Mac users will not have the need to keep switching screens from one platform to the next in case they own multiple email accounts. The archived files are then stored in PDF file format where they can be easily accessed through search modules.

The Mail Backup X is can be used by both individuals and organizations. How is this possible? This powerful Mac widget also comes with support for incremental backups as well as its advanced feature where Mac users can set up mirror backup as well as distributed backup for all incoming and outgoing emails. In addition, the Mail Backup X for Mac allows Mac users to import archived emails that are exported from different mail clients and bearing different file type extensions such as: .pst archive (for Windows Outlook), .olm archive (Apple Mail archive), MBOX archive (for Apple mail), rge files (for Thunderbird and Postbox), as well as eml files among others.

Make use of the endless features in the Mail Backup X to come up with a customized backup solution that suits all your needs

As mentioned briefly above, the Mail Backup X for Mac is able to carry out lightning fast searches through email backup and archive files that originate from different email accounts. The advanced search module allows users to search emails based on different criteria such as date, contact, email subject or search emails received or sent during a specific period among others. The Mail Backup X can also search specifically for emails with attachments or emails of specific file types such as MBOX or .PST files from Apple Mail or Outlook PST, respectively. For professionals who need to perform even more complex searches, the Mail Backup X will not let you down. It supports complex queries using the OR and AND operators. As a result, users can perform complex search operations to find any specific archive or backup file. To retain the structure of the folder and sub-folders of email archives and backups, the Mail Backup X for Mac archives all emails as PDF files. The PDF files make it easy to search through emails or even print them on demand.

The Mail Backup X also makes it very easy to restore and protect inbound and outbound mail messages from either your personal or business email accounts. The Mail Backup X is equipped with a professional grade email viewer, which allows Mac users to manage all these emails from different mail clients without the need of switching from one platform to another. The user interface is easy to use and understand whether you are an IT guru or an amateur. Storage costs can go through the roof especially for organizations that have to keep a record of all email communications. The Mail Backup X for Mac is meant to leverage the space that would be used to store emails on the local servers. Using its ultra-high compression algorithm that makes this tool outperform all the rest.

See for yourself by downloading a free version that you can try directly from your Mac. Stay on the safe side!