Apple Mail Email File Backup Utility

The Apple Mail Backup File Utility to Save You from Hitting Mail Quotas Every time

Are you receiving this message “Quota limit reached” every time you open Apple Mail? Is Apple Mail Customer Care telling you to delete your emails so you can get back to using Mail App normally? When you are in such a scenario, the only way to solve it is to create an Apple Mail backup file, save all your data in it and then delete the emails from the account to restore it to full functionality. The best tool to ensure you have a secure backup Apple Mail file with all your data in it is Mail Backup X.

Reasons Why Mail Backup X is the Best Apple Mail Backup File Utility Tool

1. Usability

We bet you have tried a lot of software in your lifetime and half of them were either too complicated to use or couldn’t offer any real solutions to your problems. It can be such a downer if you had a nicely looking application that is fully functional but you just can’t get your way around it. This Mail App backup file utility, however, is an impressive one.

From the onset, after installing the application, you will realize how simple it is to make use of the platform. The first window that the Mail Backup X app presents require you to create a backup file with a name of your choosing. After that, all backup steps that follow are similarly easy to do.

2. Backup single files or multiple folders

Unlike using Time Machine which usually backups everything from Mac, this Mac Mail Backup file App allows the selection of single or multiple data files. Users can either select all files in the Mac Mail account or select single individual files. Just as soon as you enter your email ID and password all items in your mailbox will appear, so you only have to choose the amount of data you want to backup and send them to the backup file, after which you can safely delete them from the server.

3. Automatic Apple Mail Backup

Automatic backup is what every Mac user has been craving. The Mail Backup X application allows automatic backup of all mailbox components including attachments, contacts, and calendars. The software smartly backups all message either as soon as they are delivered to Apple Mail or after a certain period.

Enjoy Apple Mail Backup File Free For Life

Once you purchase the premium version if this Apple Mail backup application, you can save each file on your account for the unlimited time without spending any additional fees on subscriptions and monthly renewals.

Download and take control of your Apple Mail backup today.


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