Create Apple Mail Email Backup and Archive Folder

Create Apple Mail Email Backup and Archive Folder in a matter of minutes with the Mail Backup X

The world today runs on information. Computers have enabled almost every single person in the world to be able to both consume and create digital content. As a result, a lot of organizations and individuals have amassed large amounts of email data records stored away on their servers and in their email accounts. It is easy to assume that the data in email accounts is safe but this cannot be further from the truth. If you carry out a little research, reports published by various email clients show huge numbers of email accounts that lose information on a day-to-day basis.

Finding a good tool to backup your Apple Mail folder is usually the hard part. However, you are in luck if you are a Mac user with an Apple Mail email account because with the introduction of the Mail Backup X for Mac, it is so easy to backup, archive and recover Apple Mail emails.

This tool for managing Apple Mail backup folders is designed to handle Apple Mail email recovery, backups, and archives. Besides Apple Mail, the Mail Backup X is also designed for Mac users to backup emails from various OS X mail clients including Yahoo Mail, Outlook for Mac, Thunderbird, Gmail, Office 365 for Mac, among other common mail application platforms that support IMAP and POP email protocols.

The Mail Backup X for Mac makes it easy to import archive files from various mail client to your Apple Mail account and more

Besides archiving and backing up all your mail directly from your Mac, the Mail Backup X also allows users to archive backup folders from various clients. The archive and backup files are then stored in PDF file format, this way, the structure of all emails is preserved and this information becomes searchable and easily accessible.

The Mail Backup X has the ability to backup and archive all email files and folders regardless of the mail application platform you are using. Users can hence easily import archived emails into your Apple Mail account as well as from different mail clients. some of the compatible archive files include MBOX archive (for Apple mail), .pst archive (for Windows Outlook), .olm archive (Outlook Mac 2011 archive), rge files (for Thunderbird and Postbox), eml files among others.

Download this amazing tool and ensure complete security of all your Apple Mail backup folder.


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