Safe and Effective Email Backups with the Mail backup X

Your Guide to Safe and Effective Email Backups with the Mail Backup X

Do you want to learn how you can effectively backup your Outlook email database but you have no experience of the process from before?

Do you want to gain complete control over your outlook email database by learning effective management, conversion, and recovery of your email?

If your answers are yes, then you have landed at the right spot.

The answer to these questions lies in a software. It is called the Mail Backup X.

The Mail Backup X and how it works?

The Mail Backup X is a certified email application that works flawlessly in mac environment and has been designed to assist common mac email users in creating safe and secure email databases without needing any former experience of the process.

The Mail Backup X has been designed by experts who have streamlined the email backup process with the use of advanced algorithms that give the Mail Backup X, a stronger upper hand over other email backup methods.

Why should you choose the Mail Backup X?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose the Mail Backup X, they are listed below.

  • The Mail Backup X saves time and effort while it backs up mac outlook and other email apps
  • It can be installed in a minute or less
  • The Mail Backup X works at high speeds and its accuracy is consistent with all processes
  • It works with a group of mac based applications and handles them precisely without lag.
  • The tool can view the contents of emails from mac mail, the outlook for mac, outlook 365 for mac, thunderbird, postbox and other OLM/MBOX/EML based apps.
  • It can compress your backed up data in 3 times lesser space with its compression engine.
  • It is blessed with an inbuilt search engine that lets you look for even your oldest files by entering specific search items in the search box
  • The Mail Backup X gives a bonus feature by letting you convert your archived email database into PDF files that you can now share with anyone who has a PDF file viewer. This file can now be protected with a password as well.
  • 24*7 free and friendly support
  • Free updates for a year with the full version

Try the free version now

The Mail Backup X now has a free trial version that lets you test the performance and results of the tool. With the free demo version, you get to use the tool for 15 days for free and during that time you can check if the tool works well for you.

Once you are happy and content that the Mail Backup X is the right choice, you can go ahead and seal the real deal by upgrading to the full version. Try it now, you will be pleased.