Backup Thunderbird Profile on multiple computers

How to Backup Thunderbird Profile on multiple computers

Find out how to backup up to 5 Thunderbird profiles on desktop and laptop with Mail Backup X

Thunderbird Backup Tool

With Mail Backup X you’ll discover how it is to backup a Thunderbird profile without leaving any damaging consequences of the data. This tool is flexible, which means that by purchasing it, you’ll get a personalized solution for your individual backup requirements.

All Mac users wondered at some point how to backup Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook for Mac, Apple Mail or a profile from any other popular offline and online email client. Luckily, InventPure had developed Mail Backup X for all of them. Due to its compatibility across platforms, this is the only backup solution you’ll ever need. It solves the security challenges all of us face daily by safeguarding the email data in their original form on a local or external location.

The basic feature that distinguishes Mail Backup X from other backup tools on the market is its flexibility to adapt to the needs of each user. InventPure has created three license packages to cover the requirements of individual, small business and enterprise clients and a special discount is provided for bulk purchases and educational institutions. There is always the option to download the trial version of the software and use it for free for thirty days to test the main functionalities.

When you download the Mail Backup X you’ll be offered to choose between the automatic and manual backup. Manual backup gives you the control and complete input in the backup process but it still puts you at risk of missing a newly arrived email in the Inbox folder. The other option, more practical and safer is the automatic backup of files. There are also two ways of performing this type of archiving. The first one requires you to set up a time schedule on which the tool should activate and the second doesn’t require any intervention from your side. Simply put, as soon as an email arrives in the Inbox folder of your Thunderbird profile, Mail Backup X will detect it, pick it up and move to a safe location.

One of the backup steps in the Mail Backup X settings includes choosing the original folders from the Thunderbird profile which to back up. One first option is to move the entire database to the archive and the second is to select only certain folders. Mail Backup X is powerful enough to remember the original email distribution around folders and subfolders and transfer it to the new location. It will bring along the way the content of each email as well as the attached documents in whichever format they might be. One of the last steps in the backup of Thunderbird profile is to decide where to archive the backed up files.

The options are numerous and they all have their advantages. For the basic backup, there is the distributed backup on local Mac folders or the synchronization with a USB drive. The ultimate backup option is to integrate Mail Backup X with a perfectly safe FTP server.