The Thunderbird for Mac Backup Tool Every Mac User Needs

Take care of your Mailbox with InventPure’s Thunderbird for Mac Backup program, intuitively called Mail Backup X

thunderbird for mac backup tool

You are here because you need a way to keep your email data safe from any kind of corruption. Sometimes your computer may crash, or the power may fail or even a virus could be the source of the trouble.

We are here to tell you that all of those problems can be history if you choose Mail Backup X. This Thunderbird for Mac Backup tool was specially designed to be able to do anything you may need it to do in the most simple and efficient possible way.

Features Supported by Thunderbird for Mac Backup Tool:-

  1. Supported email platforms

Mail Backup X works with any email provider that stores its emails using the IMAP format. Fortunately enough, every client uses IMAP, so you don’t have to check if your program is compatible, because it is. Such email services also include the web based ones like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook Live Mail.

  1. Backup Types – We implemented two kinds of backup techniques in this Thunderbird for Mac Backup Tool to keep things simple, but don’t worry, because those two are enough to satisfy every email user.
    1. Incremental Backup

This one was designed especially for those who don’t have time or experience to play around with the Thunderbird for Mac Backup widget. Here you have two possibilities. You can either pick the auto sync option which will back up every email you receive, or you set a date and time when the backup will be created with the content of the mailbox.

    1. Distributed Backup

This one is a little more complicated but the extra safety it provides is worth the trouble. Use this method to store your backup database on separate volumes in separate locations. You can simply store the primary backup database on a Flash Drive and use it whenever you need to restore your files or store several pieces in various locations.

  1. Backing up old files

Perhaps you still have some old emails stored on your computer but you uninstalled the client. Don’t worry about that, Mail Backup X is able to recognize any kind of email file and back it up without having the mail platform installed.

  1. Preview feature

When the time to recover files will come, and it will come, you may want to find a specific email. The backup database will have several emails stored within and it would be quite unwise and inefficient to restore 100 emails when you only needed a few. The preview option, together with the Search&Sort function will allow you to find a specific email from your database and then restore it separately.

  1. The Thunderbird for Mac Backup application will never be outdated

The best part about Thunderbird for Mac Backup Application is that you can backup a certain format of emails and then restore it to another one to fit your current email platform. Perhaps you are now using Thunderbird for Mac, but in the future, you may switch to something else entirely. With Mail Backup X you will be able to take the backed up emails from Thunderbird and restore them to a format supported by any email provider you need.

With this Thunderbird for Mac Backup software, you are guaranteed to have your emails safe forever. Even if the backup database itself gets corrupted, have no worry, Mail Backup X also stores shadow backups. You just can’t get safer than this.

Learn How to Backup Thunderbird for Mac with Mail Backup X here: