Automatic Thunderbird for Mac Backup

Automatic Thunderbird For Mac Backup Perfect for Everyone

Automatic Thunderbird Backup tool for those who need a fast, efficient and professional tool for taking care of their emails.

The software is called Mail Backup X and it was developed by InventPure. It’s a prodigious and comprehensive software for backing up all your emails, regardless of what email client you use or used; that’s right it works even if the client is not installed and it works with older archives like Entourage. Maybe you choose Mac for their safety, but unfortunately, they are still not perfect. However, with our Automatic Thunderbird Backup program, you can finally say that the Mac devices have nothing to worry about anymore. No matter what happens to your machine, your emails will be perfectly safe.

Online and offline clients
Mail Backup X works for all the email apps, whether they are offline or online. It’s compatible with any IMAP program and some examples are Gmail and Yahoo, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc. The emails will be stored with the rest of your messages from Mac email programs such as Apple Mail, Outlook, Entourage or Mozilla Thunderbird. Use this great Automatic Thunderbird Backup tool right now.

Incremental Backup
The Thunderbird Mac Backup software lets you set the timing for backup and for each update. You can choose to automatically sync with the emails and whenever there is a change in the content, will update the backup with new information. If you prefer a regular schedule, the program can be set to make a new update of the backup at certain intervals of time and you can choose when it’s more suitable for you.

Distributed Backup
The backup is dispersed on multiple partitions or disks, which are not dependent on one another, so if something happens to one of them you can use the others and it also allows you to open each volume separately. You are also allowed to use a portable HDD or a stick, but you first have to register them as backup locations. You can do that right in the program and every time you connect them to your Mac, they will be recognized and used as needed. If you need to store the emails on other mediums, such as CDs or DVDs, the software has the ‘Burn’ option integrated and you can store your emails right there. This Automatic Thunderbird Backup app allows you to transfer your emails as a backup on other servers through FTP. These options are all implemented for the safety and integrity of your emails and they sure come in handy when you need the most.

Mirror/Shadow Backups
Shadow copies of your backups are available and every time there is a new update in the backup’s content, the original data will be synchronized with other locations that you previously set as mirrors. So even if your main backup file gets damaged, it will be restored immodestly by the Mirror backups.

Preview and Search function
With this Thunderbird for Mac Backup tool, you can restore any email that might be lost, as long as it’s in the backup you made with this program. You have the ‘search’ option at your disposal and an additional feature that allows you to preview the messages and make sure it’s the right one.

Keep your emails safe and never lose any of them. If you think it won’t happen to you, you are only living in ignorance. Take the safe route, use Mail Backup X by Invent Pure.


Perform Complete Apple Mail Email Backup and Recovery

Download the Mail Backup X for Mac and perform complete Apple Mail Email Backup and Recovery

For a very long time, information was only produced by a particular group of people and later on passed down to other people. However, the growth of digital technology has come to change all these. From a tweet to a video on YouTube, the internet has given people power to be creators and not just consumers of information. The internet has inspired people all over the world to create content in friendly platforms such as social networks, chat, and video services as well as the good old email communication. When it comes to email communication, it has remained as one of the most relevant forms of digital communication till today. As a result, companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Apple Mail have invested a lot in email communication and are developing email communication even further. On the contrary, most internet users with one or more email accounts do not take the security of their emails seriously.

In addition, due to the wide use of email communication by people all over the world, the content in our emails has consistently grown in quantity as well as quality. As a result, most email accounts contain a lot of sensitive information which can cause a lot of inconveniences if it gets corrupted or lost through some kind of accident. So what do you do to protect yourself against this risk? Like all digital data, emails to require an efficient, complete backup and archive system; either in a secure hard-drive or FTP server such as Dropbox or iCloud. For Mac users, with an Apple Mail account, finding a good backup software that can completely backup all Apple Mail emails is always a hard task. Nonetheless, the new Mail Backup X has come to change all these. It is an efficient and powerful tool that not only backs up Apple Mail emails but also archives and recovers them from various OSX mail accounts.

The Mail Backup X performs complete email backups to all popular OSX mail clients besides Apple Mail

As mentioned above, the Mail Backup X allows Mac users to back-up, recover and archive Apple Mail emails to a secure storage location. In order to perform this functions correctly, the Mail Backup X is fitted with all the necessary tools. For instance, besides Apple Mail, this tool is compatible with emails across different OSX email clients – as long as they support IMAP email protocols. Some of the popular email clients that support IMAP protocols are Yahoo Mail, Office 365 for Mac, Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook Windows, Postbox among many others. The email archives are then stored as PDF files, in order to retain the original structure of the files. This also makes it easy to access Apple Mail emails backups in your secure location by searching for either the subject, date, time-frame. For those who want to take it a notch higher, you can search for your Apple Mail email backups using complex AND and OR query operators.

In order to easily support multiple email files, the Mail Backup X allows Mac users to import archived emails that are exported from different mail clients such as .pst archive (for Windows Outlook), .olm archive (Outlook Mac 2011 archive), MBOX archive (for Apple mail), rge files (for Thunderbird and Postbox), as well as eml files among others. If you are looking for a stable, fast and effective tool to create your email backups to your Dropbox, iCloud or even to an external hard drive, the Mail Backup X is hands-down the best tool for the job.

In addition, the Mail Backup X contains an in-built email viewer hence no need to keep switching from one platform to the next when viewing email backups from various mail clients. As mentioned above, the email backups and archived files are then stored in PDF file format where they can be easily accessed through search modules, this makes the Mail Backup X is useful to both individuals and organizations.

This powerful Mac tool also supports incremental backups as well as its advanced feature where Mac users can set up mirror backup as well as distributed backups. As a result, this tool can come in really handy for businesses who need to share their email communication between staff members. Furthermore, this means that every email that enters or leaves your Apple email account is automatically and completely backed up to your account.

Enjoy more features equipped in the Mail Backup X that make it easy to perform Apple Mail complete email backup

The Mail Backup X is can be used by both individuals and organizations. This is possible since this Apple Mail widget comes with support for incremental backups as well as its advanced feature where Mac users can set up mirror backup as well as the distributed backup for all incoming and outgoing emails. Besides being a backup, archive and email recovery tool all at once, the Mail Backup X can also be used as an email viewer, as long as your email client supports IMAP mail protocols. This is made possible by the in-built mail viewer interface installed in this tool. As a result, Mac users will not have the need to keep switching screens from one platform to the next in case they own multiple email accounts. The archived files are then stored in PDF file format where they can be easily accessed through search modules.

The Mail Backup X features a professional inbuilt email viewer in order to guarantee both pros and rookies some ease-of-use. The email viewer in this Apple Mail backup and recovery tool is tailored to make it easy to backup, archive and restore emails across multiple email accounts. Furthermore, the Mail Backup X stores email backups and archive files in PDF format in order to ensure that this information is searchable, accessible and easily organized in folders and sub-folders in your external drive. It also features a lightning-fast search module that has the ability to search emails based on different criterion such as; time-frame, a word or just the subject of the email.