Backup Your Thunderbird Mac Contacts & Emails

Backup Your Thunderbird Contacts, Emails, and Gmail Account at Once

With the Mail Backup X, you can now backup all of your Thunderbird Contacts, and Gmail emails to safety.

This is a great program that is now available with unique features for email backup. It’s the best solution because you can keep all the messages you have from any number of platforms. They will be kept in completely safe without ever being at risk. Factors like corruption, errors, system failures and data loss are history. The Backup Thunderbird program is very complex in terms of storage and functionality, but it’s actually simple to use by anyone.We implemented a beautifully designed and friendly interface for even the least experienced user.

  • Backup Online and Offline together (for example Backup Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts and Gmail at once)

The main capability of this Backup Thunderbird Mac tool is to make backups of all the programs from Mac. It supports Outlook for Mac, Postbox,  Entourage, and Apple Mail and of course it also backs up Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts and web-based accounts like Yahoo Mail or Gmail. It’s the first program ever to be made for online email backups and it will take care of all the messages you have. You can add as many profiles you have, for each email program or web application. It has support for any email provides with IMAP services, so add everything you need and the program will take care of everything. It keeps the backup encrypted and has a high compression rate. Moreover, only the authorized user has access to the data so your emails will be completely safe from more points of view.

  • Incremental Backups

The Backup Thunderbird program has the option of making incremental backups, meaning that it automatically updates each time a new email pops up in your inbox. You don’t have to make anything besides checking the auto-sync option in the program. It will detect all the changes in your mailbox and it will add new data as soon as it arrives. There is another possibility and that is to set a time for a new update and regular backups will be made without delay. Choose the option you like best.

  • You don’t need any email client to perform a backup

You don’t need email programs installed on your device, as long as you have the files that contain your messages. You can add any kind of file to the backup, such as RGE, PST or MBOX. Regardless the format of your files, you will have access to them and even use them in other programs. The next feature will show you how.

  • Restore to any format

You can backup Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts and then restore it to another format that will work on other platforms like Apple Mail, Outlook, etc. So Mail Backup X is also a transferring tool. You can convert into anything, from EML, EMLX, PST, RGE, MBOX and a lot more. You have the option of making a PFD archive and store it as a mailbox with folders and the right order.

  • Distributed Backup

You can backup Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts on your HDD. However, you can also use other devices, FTPs, and CDs/DVDs to keep the backup separated for safety concerns. You can also register portable HDDs and flash drives to store parts of the backup. What’s great about Mail Backup X is that you can use emails even if you don’t have all the pieces put together. You can use the backed up data even if something goes missing.

  • Preview feature

When you restore messages to the program that lost them, you have the possibility of restoring complete folders at a time or one item in particular. When you search for a certain email you can preview the search results to make sure you have the right email.

With this Backup Thunderbird Mac Tool on your Mac, you will never risk losing email messages again and you always have a safe backup that is ready at all times to recover your messages.