How to take Mail Backup on Mac OS X with InventPure’s solution

Find Out How to take Mail Backup in Mac OS X with Mail Backup X, the most comprehensive archive tool.

Mail Backup X is a professional software that will allow you to take successful mail backup in Mac OS X each time you use it. Some of the features that distinguish it among other backup software are: incremental and mirror backup, an advanced search module, and advanced compression engine.

All Mac OS X mail clients have a manual backup option to extract files from the database and safeguard them on a local or external storage space. Even though this seems like the simplest backup option that doesn’t require any third party tools, it has its flaws. First of all, archiving files manually require your presence and full attention, and second of all, it stops the mail program from doing anything else during the archive process. Backing up Mac OS X mail data is much simpler and practical with Mail Backup X.

Some of the mostly used offline email clients for Mac OS X are Postbox, Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Thunderbird, etc. and Mail Backup X is compatible with all of them. Even with the online programs with IMAP services. It can extract data from the original database and archive it in any format you decide, not necessarily the original, which makes it a conversion tool as well. The extracted data will be compressed so it takes up three times less storage space than the originating program. It will also encrypt it so no one except the authorized user can open it. The most important feature of the backup software you should pay attention to when looking for ways how to take mail backup is its power to protect email data from any loss and corruption. The poorly developed software is known to make distortions on the imported emails, especially if they are written in a language other than English, containing the Unicode characters. Mail Backup X will never make any changes in the files, not even after compressing them. If you decide to save the emails in the PDF, you’ll get a perfectly organized archive of printable files you can search through thanks to the enhanced search module. The hierarchy of the folders and subfolders will be preserved as well for greater visibility. When Mail Backup X compresses the files from the original database, you can choose whether to store them locally or externally, or integrate it with an FTP server so all data gets to be sent from time to time on a remote network server where it’s protected from any corruption. Before you start reading the detailed instructions on how to take mail backup with Mail Backup X in Mac OS X, think about the amount of data you want to backup and the number of people that plan to use the software. These are all relevant facts for deciding between Single, Small Business, and Enterprise License package. They can all backups up to 5 mail profiles and have flexible licensing which means that they can be installed on a laptop and desktop computer.

Mail Backup X is regularly updated and all users who purchase one of the license keys will get upgrades on their Mac OS X without paying for it.