A Different Tool from the Time Machine

“I would like to Backup Email Clients like Apple Mail / Outlook Mac 2016, Gmail, Yahoo, basically anything email related that I am currently using on my MacBook Pro. Is there a simple way to do this? Any tool different from the Time Machine?”

A: I always get into these kinds of trouble with my emails so I’ve been using a backup tool for a long time already and the answer is YES, there is a better tool which is much simpler to use than the Time Machine and it is called The Mail Backup X. Since I’ve been using this tool, I never lost any data related to my emails.

The Mail Backup X is the only application capable of doing a full backup of your files, in my opinion. It was developed by InventPure, a young but promising software development company.

I really like my mailbox to be neat so I delete unwanted emails often. However, some of those unwanted emails are needed later. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to punch myself for being so neat with my emails. With this tool, I can now backup anything and then do whatever I want with my mailbox.

I realized that if you want to backup Apple Mail files or for any other application you can do so because most platforms use IMAP. Mail Backup X supports any IMAP app.

The backup update is customizable. You can choose the time for the auto updates. At first, I was using his option to update my entire backup database daily, at 6 PM usually after my job was done. However, there is another updating option available: permanent synchronization. This one basically updates the backup database as soon as a new file (email) is generated.

When it comes to safety this program is amazing. I used it to backup my Outlook 2016 Mac database also. This tool is capable of performing very complex distributed backups. You can separate the entire database into volumes and you can store each volume in a different place. For example, I stored some volumes on my USB stick, and some on one DVD. On one volume entire emails are stored, so you don’t need the entire database and all its volumes to restore emails.

Usually, you don’t mention the preview option because every application should have such feature. How else are you going to verify your data? In this case, the preview option has some really nice micro features included. For example, the Search&Sort function can be used while previewing your data to get a certain email or group of emails. You can later print that list if you wish to have a paper copy.

Another safety measure InventPure took is the mirror/shadow backup option. This one basically creates backups for the backups. I use this feature once because I lost one of my volumes, the one from my USB stick, I somehow misplaced it. Fortunately, that volume, like every other volume was backed up automatically. I really can’t see how you could lose any data with this program.

The next best thing about the Mail Backup X app is the export format that you can use. You can store emails from basically any email platform, but how are you going to export them? Some use PST, some use RGE or MBOX and many other formats. Fortunately, this program is capable of exporting to any of those formats and even more. I don’t think there is an email client that uses a format that is not supported by this app. This is more than an Email database backup tool, this is the only way to make sure your emails are finally safe.

Use Mail Backup X confidently.