Perform Apple Mail Backup for all Emails

You can perform Apple mail backup for all emails in a perfect order using the one and only Mail backup X.

How to use Mail backup X for Apple Mail backup all emails to extract maximum benefit of it?

In your daily life, you might have noticed instances when your Mac system got corrupted suddenly without any prior fault in the system and to worsen the situation, you found your important emails had got deleted. This definitely is a big loss as those emails and attachments could be required in your office anytime in future. What will you do in that case?

You can face and in fact overcome all these critical conditions in a very easy and safe manner. Yes, this is possible when you install Mail Backup X, our Apple Mail Backup Tool on your system. You get the complete backup facility for your Apple mail inbox, outbox and archived emails and this facility is available for all Apple mail clients as well and that too, using the same Apple Mail Backup application.

This Apple Mail Backup utility has been developed by InventPure Company which has an expertise in the manufacture of Mac tools. They provide you all the important facilities which you, as a user, would need to the backup files of Apple emails.

Some important features are also present in the Apple Mail Backup app which you need to know in detail.

  • This apple mail backup tool supports all email clients- Outlook Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox, Office 360 for Mac. You don’t need to worry about all mail clients, as usual functioning are taken in your system and complete backup will be provided for sure.
  • You are sure to get all backed up files and folders arranged in a proper and well – arranged manner. And also you don’t need to see your emails by switching the screen again and again. All backed up Mails are on one screen in separate folders which provide you satisfaction for using Apple Mail Backup software.
  • The Very advanced search system is available in your backup emails searching. You don’t take enough time for finding your needs in backed up emails. You get you desired emails very soon because you have the option to find it out by typing their name and dates.
  • For your help our Apple Mail Backup utility provides you all backed up emails in PDF format. This process helps you in downloading and uploading emails in a very easy and fast manner. It is easy to store for long period of time.
  • One of the most advanced and essential technologies that have been used in Apple Mail backup utility is Ultra-high compression method because of which you can store life time backed up emails in your Mac system. Through this technology, your emails get compressed and occupy less space of your Mac system.

If you want to get more information about the tool you must visit the site The Company InventPure gives you all the information and surety of the tool’s functioning and you can also get the trial version for first 15 days here.

Mozilla Thunderbird Database Backup

Backup your Thunderbird data fast and easy with Mail Backup X

With Mail Backup X, you can backup Thunderbird data among many other formats.

If you need a tool to backup your emails, and you do, because that is the only way to make sure your emails won’t be lost, you should use our Mail Backup X tool. There is only one reason to choose this software, and you don’t need another one. It’s the only one software capable of backing up IMAP emails.

Macs are protected against viruses, but errors can appear from all sorts of sources. A power failure, hardware damage, computer crashes and so on.

With this Thunderbird data backup tool, no matter what happens to your email database, as long as you have the backup file intact you can restore its full integrity. To make sure the backup won’t get damaged, the software will also generate shadow backups (backup for the backup). The toy can also store them on portable devices, so in case something happens to your entire HDD, the backups are still safe.

Almost everyone experienced some sort of data loss caused by such problems. If you value your information that much that you wish to pay for its safety, I am proud happy to announce that a protecting software has finally been developed.

The program itself is actually very complex, but it was kept simple for the user through the amazing interface and implemented tools.

1. Supports IMAP

IMAP is the most popular protocol to store data. It works online or offline. You can backup any type of format, PST, RGE, MBOX, EML or EMLX.

2. Automatic backup after every change

This makes the whole process so much easier. This is basically a feature that makes the use of this program less manual. You select after how much time will the program automatically update, and backup the new emails that were stored during this time. You can also select the automatic sync option, which will update the backup file as soon as a new email is stored.

3. Multiple backups

Amazing features that make sure that this Mail Backup for Mac tool offers maximum protections is the Distributed Backup. Your data will be split into several volumes and it will be saved in different locations, including removable partitions like a portable HDD or USB memory stick, or even FTP servers or DVDs. Because the backup is split the chances to have you entire data corrupted are lower. Actually, each volume has another copy, this way regardless of the suffered damaged, and it can be recovered completely.

4. Preview the content of the backup

To make sure you have everything backed, we added a preview option. This one can be used to quickly check the saved data. There is another function that enhances use, and it is used to search and filter files. This is especially helpful when you only need certain emails. Because nowadays a mailbox contains thousands or tens of thousands of emails, a tool that helps you make sense out of such a great number of items is welcomed. You can also print that list.

5. Convert the backup to any supported formats

Various types of formats are supported for export. Some of them are PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, RGE, PDF and much more.

6. Avoid corruption

We made this tool because we want to completely banish this worry. We took every precaution necessary for perfect results. Mail Backup X will encrypt every backup it creates so it can be accessed only by the authorized user. To minimize the chances of data loss we decided to create copies of each backup, so even if the original one gets damaged, the copy can take its place. To minimize the chances of corruption, even more, we added the possibility to backup your data on safe locations, like USB drives or portable HDD.

This backup tool will make sure you will never have to deal with the horror of permanently losing your data. This will be your ace up your sleeve. When things go south, use Mail Backup X and fix everything.

Safe and Effective Email Backups with the Mail backup X

Your Guide to Safe and Effective Email Backups with the Mail Backup X

Do you want to learn how you can effectively backup your Outlook email database but you have no experience of the process from before?

Do you want to gain complete control over your outlook email database by learning effective management, conversion, and recovery of your email?

If your answers are yes, then you have landed at the right spot.

The answer to these questions lies in a software. It is called the Mail Backup X.

The Mail Backup X and how it works?

The Mail Backup X is a certified email application that works flawlessly in mac environment and has been designed to assist common mac email users in creating safe and secure email databases without needing any former experience of the process.

The Mail Backup X has been designed by experts who have streamlined the email backup process with the use of advanced algorithms that give the Mail Backup X, a stronger upper hand over other email backup methods.

Why should you choose the Mail Backup X?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose the Mail Backup X, they are listed below.

  • The Mail Backup X saves time and effort while it backs up mac outlook and other email apps
  • It can be installed in a minute or less
  • The Mail Backup X works at high speeds and its accuracy is consistent with all processes
  • It works with a group of mac based applications and handles them precisely without lag.
  • The tool can view the contents of emails from mac mail, the outlook for mac, outlook 365 for mac, thunderbird, postbox and other OLM/MBOX/EML based apps.
  • It can compress your backed up data in 3 times lesser space with its compression engine.
  • It is blessed with an inbuilt search engine that lets you look for even your oldest files by entering specific search items in the search box
  • The Mail Backup X gives a bonus feature by letting you convert your archived email database into PDF files that you can now share with anyone who has a PDF file viewer. This file can now be protected with a password as well.
  • 24*7 free and friendly support
  • Free updates for a year with the full version

Try the free version now

The Mail Backup X now has a free trial version that lets you test the performance and results of the tool. With the free demo version, you get to use the tool for 15 days for free and during that time you can check if the tool works well for you.

Once you are happy and content that the Mail Backup X is the right choice, you can go ahead and seal the real deal by upgrading to the full version. Try it now, you will be pleased.

Backup and Restore Outlook Mac with the Mail Backup X

Naturally Backup and Restore Outlook Mac 2011 with Mail Backup X from InventPure

Figuring out how to backup outlook mac 2011 and that too effortlessly, appeared like a far-fetched dream to several mac email users who were troubled and lost, thanks to their email data. Many wished to backup their outlook email data and afterward go to some other email application that they regarded fit for their needs in future.

Inferable from the competition in the email world, every user needs his email records to be best kept and best utilized, be that as it may, with the advent of new email applications, mac email users learned that their email format is restricted, and along these lines they started searching for sensible and simple to use ways through which they could likewise use the new features of latest applications. That is the reason email backup procedure is extremely viable today.

What can a typical email client do if he has no experience of email management also can’t afford the cost of the expensive tools that are accessible if at all?

He can try the Mail Backup X software, a confirmed tool that is uncommonly designed to help regular and untrained email users in backing up their mac email data. It works naturally and asks nothing of the user with the exception of a few guided steps.

The Mail Backup X

The Mail Backup X is a certified and well-designed email backup tool that works as directed by the user and offers him the best features which he can use to make speedier, more exact and secure outlook email backups and recoveries.


The Mail Backup X is genuinely simple to introduce so the everyday email user doesn’t need more than a minute to install and use the tool. The tool starts working immediately so that no time is squandered.


The Mail Backup X permits the client to import various applications with the goal that he can backup and recover his email information from Outlook mac, Apple mail, Outlook 365 for mac, Thunderbird and other Mbox/EML supported applications.


The tool makes the offline backup as well as synchronizes your backups specifically with your Gmail and Yahoo email accounts. Finally, you can leave the stress of consistently making a backup of your incoming messages.


The Mail Backup X is blessed with an inbuilt mail viewer that permits the users to audit the contents of even their most seasoned email files. Users can now see content in a larger number of formats than any single tool has ever advertised. This is the reason most users consider the Mail Backup X the ideal tool to backup and recover their outlook mac, securely and with total success.


The Mail Backup X offers an extremely quick search highlight that gives the users a chance to search within their email database via specific search items, like the name of the sender or the attachment in some particular email, the search can be narrowed down inside a time span for more focused results.


The Mail Backup X offers you a choice to specifically turn your outlook mac database backup into a PDF document. This is the most progressive feature given by the tool and this will permit users to have complete control and flexibility with their emails.


Attempt the free demo version and check whether it works for you as well. The Mail Backup X is the future of email backup technology, do not let the offer leave.

Try it today.

Create Apple Mail Email Backup and Archive Folder

Create Apple Mail Email Backup and Archive Folder in a matter of minutes with the Mail Backup X

The world today runs on information. Computers have enabled almost every single person in the world to be able to both consume and create digital content. As a result, a lot of organizations and individuals have amassed large amounts of email data records stored away on their servers and in their email accounts. It is easy to assume that the data in email accounts is safe but this cannot be further from the truth. If you carry out a little research, reports published by various email clients show huge numbers of email accounts that lose information on a day-to-day basis.

Finding a good tool to backup your Apple Mail folder is usually the hard part. However, you are in luck if you are a Mac user with an Apple Mail email account because with the introduction of the Mail Backup X for Mac, it is so easy to backup, archive and recover Apple Mail emails.

This tool for managing Apple Mail backup folders is designed to handle Apple Mail email recovery, backups, and archives. Besides Apple Mail, the Mail Backup X is also designed for Mac users to backup emails from various OS X mail clients including Yahoo Mail, Outlook for Mac, Thunderbird, Gmail, Office 365 for Mac, among other common mail application platforms that support IMAP and POP email protocols.

The Mail Backup X for Mac makes it easy to import archive files from various mail client to your Apple Mail account and more

Besides archiving and backing up all your mail directly from your Mac, the Mail Backup X also allows users to archive backup folders from various clients. The archive and backup files are then stored in PDF file format, this way, the structure of all emails is preserved and this information becomes searchable and easily accessible.

The Mail Backup X has the ability to backup and archive all email files and folders regardless of the mail application platform you are using. Users can hence easily import archived emails into your Apple Mail account as well as from different mail clients. some of the compatible archive files include MBOX archive (for Apple mail), .pst archive (for Windows Outlook), .olm archive (Outlook Mac 2011 archive), rge files (for Thunderbird and Postbox), eml files among others.

Download this amazing tool and ensure complete security of all your Apple Mail backup folder.

Apple Mail Email File Backup Utility

The Apple Mail Backup File Utility to Save You from Hitting Mail Quotas Every time

Are you receiving this message “Quota limit reached” every time you open Apple Mail? Is Apple Mail Customer Care telling you to delete your emails so you can get back to using Mail App normally? When you are in such a scenario, the only way to solve it is to create an Apple Mail backup file, save all your data in it and then delete the emails from the account to restore it to full functionality. The best tool to ensure you have a secure backup Apple Mail file with all your data in it is Mail Backup X.

Reasons Why Mail Backup X is the Best Apple Mail Backup File Utility Tool

1. Usability

We bet you have tried a lot of software in your lifetime and half of them were either too complicated to use or couldn’t offer any real solutions to your problems. It can be such a downer if you had a nicely looking application that is fully functional but you just can’t get your way around it. This Mail App backup file utility, however, is an impressive one.

From the onset, after installing the application, you will realize how simple it is to make use of the platform. The first window that the Mail Backup X app presents require you to create a backup file with a name of your choosing. After that, all backup steps that follow are similarly easy to do.

2. Backup single files or multiple folders

Unlike using Time Machine which usually backups everything from Mac, this Mac Mail Backup file App allows the selection of single or multiple data files. Users can either select all files in the Mac Mail account or select single individual files. Just as soon as you enter your email ID and password all items in your mailbox will appear, so you only have to choose the amount of data you want to backup and send them to the backup file, after which you can safely delete them from the server.

3. Automatic Apple Mail Backup

Automatic backup is what every Mac user has been craving. The Mail Backup X application allows automatic backup of all mailbox components including attachments, contacts, and calendars. The software smartly backups all message either as soon as they are delivered to Apple Mail or after a certain period.

Enjoy Apple Mail Backup File Free For Life

Once you purchase the premium version if this Apple Mail backup application, you can save each file on your account for the unlimited time without spending any additional fees on subscriptions and monthly renewals.

Download and take control of your Apple Mail backup today.

How to Backup Apple Mail Emails Easily

Learn How to Backup your Apple Mail Emails easily using the New
Mail Backup X for Mac
(Email Backup, Recovery, and Archive tool)

In the current modern world, a lot of the data that is being produced is stored digitally. This advancement in digital technology has seen the amount of information produced on a daily basis grow exponentially. The internet especially has inspired people the world over to communicate via social networks, chat, and video services as well as the good old email communication. Email communication has stood the test of time to remain one of the most relevant forms of digital communication to date. This can be attributed to the fact that emails are very suitable to use whether in a social or professional setting.

Have you ever asked yourself just how safe the data in your email account is? Well, it is not that safe. According to reports published by Mail clients such as Gmail and Apple Mail, the number of accounts that suffer from external attacks, software and hardware malfunctions or even accidental deletions is staggering. As a result, it is crucial for both businesses and individuals to take a step in the right direction and take control of the security of their emails.

For easy and efficient email backups, you need a tool you can trust and rely on. Nonetheless, finding a good email backup widget, especially for Mac users with an Apple Mail account often proves difficult. Most tools in the market are either unstable, too slow or they simply offer limited services that narrow down the choice of the user in terms of creating a customized email backup solution.

The Mail Backup X is a powerful tool for Mac users that does just that. With this tool, Mac users are able to backup, convert, view and archive their emails. The email backup and archive files are then stored in PDF format for easy retrieval and access across multiple email clients. The PDF format also helps maintain the original structure of every email to ensure zero percent data loss.

The Mail Backup X is the most advanced backup and archive tool for Apple Mail with endless features and functionality


The Mail Backup X is fitted with a technology known as ultra-high compression that manages to save up to three times the storage space for backing up all your files. The transmission time for backing up the data whether on a server or a hard drive is also greatly reduced, hence saving you time it takes to backup all Apple Mail emails. The archived and backed up files are encrypted for maximum security against external threats such as hacking or software issues. Furthermore, the Mail Backup X is able to create backups and archives for emails in other third party accounts besides Apple Mail including; Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Office 365 for Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox among other email applications that support IMAP services.

Enjoy multiple features for easy creation of Apple Mail backups and archives with the Mail Backup X

The features contained in the Mail Backup X for Mac make it stand out as the best backup, recovery and email archiving software in the market. Besides being a backup, archive, and email recovery tool all at once, the Mail Backup X can also be used as an email viewer, as long as your email client supports IMAP mail protocols. This is made possible by the inbuilt mail viewer interface installed in this tool. As a result, Mac users will not have the need to keep switching screens from one platform to the next in case they own multiple email accounts. The archived files are then stored in PDF file format where they can be easily accessed through search modules.

The Mail Backup X is can be used by both individuals and organizations. How is this possible? This powerful Mac widget also comes with support for incremental backups as well as its advanced feature where Mac users can set up mirror backup as well as distributed backup for all incoming and outgoing emails. In addition, the Mail Backup X for Mac allows Mac users to import archived emails that are exported from different mail clients and bearing different file type extensions such as: .pst archive (for Windows Outlook), .olm archive (Apple Mail archive), MBOX archive (for Apple mail), rge files (for Thunderbird and Postbox), as well as eml files among others.

Make use of the endless features in the Mail Backup X to come up with a customized backup solution that suits all your needs

As mentioned briefly above, the Mail Backup X for Mac is able to carry out lightning fast searches through email backup and archive files that originate from different email accounts. The advanced search module allows users to search emails based on different criteria such as date, contact, email subject or search emails received or sent during a specific period among others. The Mail Backup X can also search specifically for emails with attachments or emails of specific file types such as MBOX or .PST files from Apple Mail or Outlook PST, respectively. For professionals who need to perform even more complex searches, the Mail Backup X will not let you down. It supports complex queries using the OR and AND operators. As a result, users can perform complex search operations to find any specific archive or backup file. To retain the structure of the folder and sub-folders of email archives and backups, the Mail Backup X for Mac archives all emails as PDF files. The PDF files make it easy to search through emails or even print them on demand.

The Mail Backup X also makes it very easy to restore and protect inbound and outbound mail messages from either your personal or business email accounts. The Mail Backup X is equipped with a professional grade email viewer, which allows Mac users to manage all these emails from different mail clients without the need of switching from one platform to another. The user interface is easy to use and understand whether you are an IT guru or an amateur. Storage costs can go through the roof especially for organizations that have to keep a record of all email communications. The Mail Backup X for Mac is meant to leverage the space that would be used to store emails on the local servers. Using its ultra-high compression algorithm that makes this tool outperform all the rest.

See for yourself by downloading a free version that you can try directly from your Mac. Stay on the safe side!

Successful Mac Email Backup and Recovery Software

The Mail Backup X as the ideal solution for successful Mac Email Backup and Recovery

Would you like to back up your mac mail or outlook mac email database however have no experience with the process?

Is it true that you fear losing your valuable email database to mediocre tools that are flooding the web?

Is it true that you are concerned due to terrible experience in the past with emails and email tools?

If your response to the inquiries above was for the most part yes, then you are at the best spot. The Mail Backup X was made particularly for you.

What is the Mail Backup X?

The Mail Backup X is a totally proficient tool that works with all prominent mac email applications and lets you backup and recover data from a variety of mac applications, all without needing any past involvement with the mail backup process. It uncommonly takes into account the basic needs of regular mac users who simply need a speedy and simple approach to make a backup out of their email information. This is precisely what the Mail Backup X accomplishes for you.

Investigate a part of the advantages of using the Mail Backup X

– You can set it up under a minute in only a couple of clicks

– The UI of the tool is straightforward and clear as crystal

– You don’t require past experience to work effectively with the Mail Backup X

– With the Mail Backup X you can now work with applications like mac mail, outlook mac, outlook 365 for mac, thunderbird, postbox and other MBOX based apps.

– The Mail Backup X uses an uncommon compression algorithm that consequently packs your database while storing it in 3 times lesser space.

– The Mail Backup X gives you access to its inbuilt email viewer that gives you a chance to see the contents of other email databases in numerous formats. So you don’t need to change between applications to see what is in the database.

– The tool comes fixed with a quick lightning search feature that gives you a chance to look for the older and archived messages in your database. You should simply enter particular time based inquiry and the device will bring your desired records before you.

– The Mail Backup X underpins both online and offline backup. It can synchronize with your Gmail and Yahoo accounts and backup all the while.

– The best element of the Mail Backup X is the capacity to change over the backed up files into PDF files that anybody can access with a general PDF record viewer.

You can now attempt the free demo of the Mail Backup X to confirm the previously stated advantages. With the free form, you can utilize the tool for 15 days and that is sufficient to fulfill your need for trial runs. When you are satisfied by the free form, you can without much of a stretch request the affordable full form for boundless advantages.

Try not to pass up a great opportunity of using the Mail Backup X. With this in your grasp, now you can call yourself a specialist as well. Try it today and see the future in your own hands, with your own eyes. Try it, it’s free at first.