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Mail Archive Tool for Mac————————————
Mail Backup X is not only a professional software, but is in fact the first and the only tool that can backup Mail Archive Mac, and several other platforms. Online and offline clients are compatible with this software easily.

We know how maddening can it be to have your files corrupted or unusable. You are not the only one, there are lots of people who need a way to keep their data safe.

Your computer might crash, or a power failure may happen, or your HDD simply gets broken; for any kind of reason, we have the solution.

Backups are not something new but when it comes to email backups, this is the only Mail Archive Mac tool you will find. Even if it is the first we did not wanted to hold anything back, we wanted to release the best that we could. Some of the unique features this tool has are auto sync backup database, storage in multiple volumes, searching function, encryption and many more.

Offline and online data can be deposited alike, as long as they use as storing protocol IMAP. This amazing Mail Archive for Mac was designed in a way, which it’s capable of keeping every single bit of data recoverable.


Mail archive

Mail archive Application


Features of Mail Archive Tool for Mac:

  1. Supports IMAP 

As long as your email platform can use any of this protocol, you can create backups directly on your Mac. Online platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live Mail and offline clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac and many more.

  1. Distributed Backup

This one is used to store the backups in various locations so if something happens to your computer, the chances to damage large amounts of data is diminished, because some volumes will be kept safe. You can store a backup on an USB drive, or on a DVD or CD or even on a portable HDD. A FTP server is also available.

  1. Incremental Backup

You can make the program update itself after a certain time period. After the time passed, the Mail Archive for Mac will pick up any new file that was stored to your original Email database and create a backup for it. You can also make the program update itself as soon as a new file has been stored, instead of doing so after fixed time periods. The entire process is automatically, all you have to do is select the kind of automaticity you like.

  1. Preview and Search Option

If you wish to check the integrity of the backup, all you have to do is get a quick preview of the items that you backed up. A list will be displayed which will contain the name of the stored emails. It’s safe to say that you will not only store a couple of emails, probably you will store your entire email database, so if you want to check for a specific email, or a specific set of emails, you will have to look through everything.

  1. Export Emails to Any Format you need

When something will happen, and you will need to restore your emails you will have to use the backup file. In case you want to use another email client that is not a problem. You are not bounded to the original format of your emails. If you used to use Gmail you can easily use any other kind of format. The same affirmation is available for any platform that you previously used. Of course using the same platform as you used when you created it is possible. Some of the supported formats are RGE, EMLX, EML, MBOX, PST, PDF and more.


Mail Backup Program for Mac


You are here probably because you need a tool to take care of your emails. Usually people don’t think about their email safety, but when they experience data loss they get really frustrated. No one is entirely safe, so be prepared, use this Mail Archive for Mac.