A Different Tool from the Time Machine

“I would like to Backup Email Clients like Apple Mail / Outlook Mac 2016, Gmail, Yahoo, basically anything email related that I am currently using on my MacBook Pro. Is there a simple way to do this? Any tool different from the Time Machine?”

A: I always get into these kinds of trouble with my emails so I’ve been using a backup tool for a long time already and the answer is YES, there is a better tool which is much simpler to use than the Time Machine and it is called The Mail Backup X. Since I’ve been using this tool, I never lost any data related to my emails.

The Mail Backup X is the only application capable of doing a full backup of your files, in my opinion. It was developed by InventPure, a young but promising software development company.

I really like my mailbox to be neat so I delete unwanted emails often. However, some of those unwanted emails are needed later. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to punch myself for being so neat with my emails. With this tool, I can now backup anything and then do whatever I want with my mailbox.

I realized that if you want to backup Apple Mail files or for any other application you can do so because most platforms use IMAP. Mail Backup X supports any IMAP app.

The backup update is customizable. You can choose the time for the auto updates. At first, I was using his option to update my entire backup database daily, at 6 PM usually after my job was done. However, there is another updating option available: permanent synchronization. This one basically updates the backup database as soon as a new file (email) is generated.

When it comes to safety this program is amazing. I used it to backup my Outlook 2016 Mac database also. This tool is capable of performing very complex distributed backups. You can separate the entire database into volumes and you can store each volume in a different place. For example, I stored some volumes on my USB stick, and some on one DVD. On one volume entire emails are stored, so you don’t need the entire database and all its volumes to restore emails.

Usually, you don’t mention the preview option because every application should have such feature. How else are you going to verify your data? In this case, the preview option has some really nice micro features included. For example, the Search&Sort function can be used while previewing your data to get a certain email or group of emails. You can later print that list if you wish to have a paper copy.

Another safety measure InventPure took is the mirror/shadow backup option. This one basically creates backups for the backups. I use this feature once because I lost one of my volumes, the one from my USB stick, I somehow misplaced it. Fortunately, that volume, like every other volume was backed up automatically. I really can’t see how you could lose any data with this program.

The next best thing about the Mail Backup X app is the export format that you can use. You can store emails from basically any email platform, but how are you going to export them? Some use PST, some use RGE or MBOX and many other formats. Fortunately, this program is capable of exporting to any of those formats and even more. I don’t think there is an email client that uses a format that is not supported by this app. This is more than an Email database backup tool, this is the only way to make sure your emails are finally safe.

Use Mail Backup X confidently.


Make Apple Mail Backup and Archive it on iCloud with InventPure’s software

Apple Mail Backup and Archive on iCloud

Mail backup & archiving tool for mac

Mail Backup X is an archiving software for making Apple Mail backups and copying them on iCloud or any other local or external location. Mail Backup X is compatible with MBOX, OLM, EML, PST, RGE and other formats produced by the popular mail clients. The same way it accepts files in any format, it can export them in any format you wish. You can also backup Apple Mail in PDF to include and create a printable archive of files you’ll get access whenever you want and from any device. Visit the official site to find out more about the features of Mail Backup X and the Small Business and Enterprise license.

backup apple mail

Backup Your Mac Thunderbird To Secure Email Database

Your entire data is now safe with this amazing Mac Thunderbird Backup App – Mail Backup X

Use our Mac Thunderbird Backup App because that is the only way to make sure your emails won’t be lost.

There is only one reason to choose this software, and you don’t need another one. It’s the only software capable of backing up IMAP emails.

Macs are protected against viruses, but errors can appear from all sorts of sources. A power failure, hardware damage, computer crashes and so on.

With this Mac Thunderbird Backup App, no matter what happens to your email database, as long as you have the backup file intact you can restore its full integrity. To make sure the backup won’t get damaged, the software will also generate shadow backups (backup for the backup). You can also store them on portable devices, so in case something happens to your entire HDD, the backups are still safe.

Almost everyone experienced some sort of data loss caused by such problems. If you value your information that much that you wish to pay for its safety, I am proud happy to announce that a protecting software has finally been developed.

The program itself is actually very complex, but it was kept simple for the user through the amazing interface and implemented tools.

1. Supports IMAP

IMAP is the most popular protocol to store data. It works online or offline. You can backup any type of format, PST, RGE, MBOX, EML or EMLX.

2. Incremental Backup

This makes the whole process so much easier. This is basically a feature that makes the use of this Thunderbird for Mac backup program less manual. You select after how much time will the program automatically update, and back up the new emails that were stored during this time. You can also select the automatic sync option, which will update the backup file as soon as a new email is stored.

3. Distributed Backup

Amazing features that make sure that this Mail Backup X for Mac tool offers maximum features is the Distributed Backup. Your data will be split into several volumes and it will be saved in different locations, including removable partitions like a portable HDD or USB memory stick, or even FTP servers or DVDs. Because the backup is split the chances to have your entire data corrupted are lower. Actually, each volume has another copy, this way regardless of the suffered damaged, and it can be recovered completely.

4. Preview and Search

To make sure you have everything backed, we added a preview option. This one can be used to quickly check the saved data. There is another function that enhances use, and it is used to search and filter files. This is especially helpful when you only need certain emails. Because nowadays a mailbox contains thousands or tens of thousands of emails, a tool that helps you make sense out of such a great number of items is welcomed. You can also print that list.

5. Export to several formats

Various types of formats are supported for export. Some of them are PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, RGE and even PDF and many more.

6. Safety

Data corruption is not at all pleasant. We made this tool because we want to completely banish this worry. We took every precaution necessary for perfect results. Mail Backup X will encrypt every backup it creates so it can be accessed only by the authorized user. To minimize the chances of data loss we decided to create copies of each backup, so even if the original one gets damaged, the copy can take its place. To minimize the chances of corruption, even more, we added the possibility to backup your data on safe locations, like USB drives or portable HDD.

Mac Thunderbird Backup App will make sure you will never have to deal with the horror of permanently losing your data. This will be your ace up your sleeve. When things go south, use Mail Backup X and fix everything.

Download Trial Version of Thunderbird for Mac Backup App

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How to take Mail Backup on Mac OS X with InventPure’s solution

Find Out How to take Mail Backup in Mac OS X with Mail Backup X, the most comprehensive archive tool.

Mail Backup X is a professional software that will allow you to take successful mail backup in Mac OS X each time you use it. Some of the features that distinguish it among other backup software are: incremental and mirror backup, an advanced search module, and advanced compression engine.

All Mac OS X mail clients have a manual backup option to extract files from the database and safeguard them on a local or external storage space. Even though this seems like the simplest backup option that doesn’t require any third party tools, it has its flaws. First of all, archiving files manually require your presence and full attention, and second of all, it stops the mail program from doing anything else during the archive process. Backing up Mac OS X mail data is much simpler and practical with Mail Backup X.

Some of the mostly used offline email clients for Mac OS X are Postbox, Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Thunderbird, etc. and Mail Backup X is compatible with all of them. Even with the online programs with IMAP services. It can extract data from the original database and archive it in any format you decide, not necessarily the original, which makes it a conversion tool as well. The extracted data will be compressed so it takes up three times less storage space than the originating program. It will also encrypt it so no one except the authorized user can open it. The most important feature of the backup software you should pay attention to when looking for ways how to take mail backup is its power to protect email data from any loss and corruption. The poorly developed software is known to make distortions on the imported emails, especially if they are written in a language other than English, containing the Unicode characters. Mail Backup X will never make any changes in the files, not even after compressing them. If you decide to save the emails in the PDF, you’ll get a perfectly organized archive of printable files you can search through thanks to the enhanced search module. The hierarchy of the folders and subfolders will be preserved as well for greater visibility. When Mail Backup X compresses the files from the original database, you can choose whether to store them locally or externally, or integrate it with an FTP server so all data gets to be sent from time to time on a remote network server where it’s protected from any corruption. Before you start reading the detailed instructions on how to take mail backup with Mail Backup X in Mac OS X, think about the amount of data you want to backup and the number of people that plan to use the software. These are all relevant facts for deciding between Single, Small Business, and Enterprise License package. They can all backups up to 5 mail profiles and have flexible licensing which means that they can be installed on a laptop and desktop computer.

Mail Backup X is regularly updated and all users who purchase one of the license keys will get upgrades on their Mac OS X without paying for it.

Backup & Restore Mozilla Thunderbird Files

Backup & Restore Mozilla Thunderbird files smart and easy with this
Mail Backup X

Use the Mail Backup X to Backup & Restore Mozilla Thunderbird files for maximum security.

The Mail Backup X application was created by InventPure as a solution to the email corruption problem. The only thing you can do if your HDD is vulnerable is to backup all your files and eventually save the backup to an external storage device. This is exactly what this application does: you can have “shadow backups” (which are made automatically) saved directly to an external device, where you know it’s safe).

Compatible with any email service within the IMAP platform

Mail Backup X is the only program that is capable of handling offline and online emails. It supports any IMAP mail services, such as Yahoo and Gmail. Besides the online programs, it does a great job with Mac email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook or Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008. Basically, for any email program, you are using, this Backup Thunderbird Mac app will make a backup without a problem.

Import old archives to new backups

You can also add archives for older email messages, such as PST, MBOX or RGE files. This tool makes the backup with the entire content of your mailboxes, keeping them safe no matter what. You can have the entire collection of your emails added and stored to safety.

Incremented Backup

The Backup Thunderbird program allows you to set up a moment for the backup and it will update it at regular intervals or whenever you prefer. You can also choose to let it detect by itself any changes within your email accounts and update the data right at that moment. It’s completely up to you when the program adds new information.

Distributed Backup

It’s practical and more secure to have your backup saved on more than one device or platform. You can add more partitions and other storage units to use them for your emails. Start by registering them and let the program store your emails. Besides the hard drive, you can also use a stick or a portable HDD and the software will detect them each time they are connected to your Mac. Another option of storing your emails with this program is to burn them on DVDs, which you can do right from this program because you get the ‘Burn’ option. Or, keep the backup on a different server via an FTP connection if that’s best for you.

Shadow Backups

A competent backup application has security nets and Mail Backup X can make copies of the backup in shadow locations. As a result, the original data automatically syncs with the copy and you have all your emails safe, regardless of what happens with the original backup. In addition, the Backup Thunderbird program is also capable of using the second backup, the shadow location, to continue adding emails for storage. It returns to the original when it’s available again.

Preview, search and extract from inside of a backup file

Use the Search option to find a particular email and preview it to see if it’s the right one. You can export it as any kind of file you want, from RGE, PST, MBOX, EML or PDF and even on paper. Print your emails right from the Backup Thunderbird program‘s interface or choose the format you need.

The Backup Thunderbird application uses a lot of new techniques and technologies to bring you the most complex yet easy to use application. Using our application can be done by a 10-year-old and all the security measures will be applied to fully secure your files along with the metadata.

Backup Your Thunderbird Mac Contacts & Emails

Backup Your Thunderbird Contacts, Emails, and Gmail Account at Once

With the Mail Backup X, you can now backup all of your Thunderbird Contacts, and Gmail emails to safety.

This is a great program that is now available with unique features for email backup. It’s the best solution because you can keep all the messages you have from any number of platforms. They will be kept in completely safe without ever being at risk. Factors like corruption, errors, system failures and data loss are history. The Backup Thunderbird program is very complex in terms of storage and functionality, but it’s actually simple to use by anyone.We implemented a beautifully designed and friendly interface for even the least experienced user.

  • Backup Online and Offline together (for example Backup Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts and Gmail at once)

The main capability of this Backup Thunderbird Mac tool is to make backups of all the programs from Mac. It supports Outlook for Mac, Postbox,  Entourage, and Apple Mail and of course it also backs up Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts and web-based accounts like Yahoo Mail or Gmail. It’s the first program ever to be made for online email backups and it will take care of all the messages you have. You can add as many profiles you have, for each email program or web application. It has support for any email provides with IMAP services, so add everything you need and the program will take care of everything. It keeps the backup encrypted and has a high compression rate. Moreover, only the authorized user has access to the data so your emails will be completely safe from more points of view.

  • Incremental Backups

The Backup Thunderbird program has the option of making incremental backups, meaning that it automatically updates each time a new email pops up in your inbox. You don’t have to make anything besides checking the auto-sync option in the program. It will detect all the changes in your mailbox and it will add new data as soon as it arrives. There is another possibility and that is to set a time for a new update and regular backups will be made without delay. Choose the option you like best.

  • You don’t need any email client to perform a backup

You don’t need email programs installed on your device, as long as you have the files that contain your messages. You can add any kind of file to the backup, such as RGE, PST or MBOX. Regardless the format of your files, you will have access to them and even use them in other programs. The next feature will show you how.

  • Restore to any format

You can backup Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts and then restore it to another format that will work on other platforms like Apple Mail, Outlook, etc. So Mail Backup X is also a transferring tool. You can convert into anything, from EML, EMLX, PST, RGE, MBOX and a lot more. You have the option of making a PFD archive and store it as a mailbox with folders and the right order.

  • Distributed Backup

You can backup Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts on your HDD. However, you can also use other devices, FTPs, and CDs/DVDs to keep the backup separated for safety concerns. You can also register portable HDDs and flash drives to store parts of the backup. What’s great about Mail Backup X is that you can use emails even if you don’t have all the pieces put together. You can use the backed up data even if something goes missing.

  • Preview feature

When you restore messages to the program that lost them, you have the possibility of restoring complete folders at a time or one item in particular. When you search for a certain email you can preview the search results to make sure you have the right email.

With this Backup Thunderbird Mac Tool on your Mac, you will never risk losing email messages again and you always have a safe backup that is ready at all times to recover your messages.

Automatic Thunderbird for Mac Backup

Automatic Thunderbird For Mac Backup Perfect for Everyone

Automatic Thunderbird Backup tool for those who need a fast, efficient and professional tool for taking care of their emails.

The software is called Mail Backup X and it was developed by InventPure. It’s a prodigious and comprehensive software for backing up all your emails, regardless of what email client you use or used; that’s right it works even if the client is not installed and it works with older archives like Entourage. Maybe you choose Mac for their safety, but unfortunately, they are still not perfect. However, with our Automatic Thunderbird Backup program, you can finally say that the Mac devices have nothing to worry about anymore. No matter what happens to your machine, your emails will be perfectly safe.

Online and offline clients
Mail Backup X works for all the email apps, whether they are offline or online. It’s compatible with any IMAP program and some examples are Gmail and Yahoo, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc. The emails will be stored with the rest of your messages from Mac email programs such as Apple Mail, Outlook, Entourage or Mozilla Thunderbird. Use this great Automatic Thunderbird Backup tool right now.

Incremental Backup
The Thunderbird Mac Backup software lets you set the timing for backup and for each update. You can choose to automatically sync with the emails and whenever there is a change in the content, will update the backup with new information. If you prefer a regular schedule, the program can be set to make a new update of the backup at certain intervals of time and you can choose when it’s more suitable for you.

Distributed Backup
The backup is dispersed on multiple partitions or disks, which are not dependent on one another, so if something happens to one of them you can use the others and it also allows you to open each volume separately. You are also allowed to use a portable HDD or a stick, but you first have to register them as backup locations. You can do that right in the program and every time you connect them to your Mac, they will be recognized and used as needed. If you need to store the emails on other mediums, such as CDs or DVDs, the software has the ‘Burn’ option integrated and you can store your emails right there. This Automatic Thunderbird Backup app allows you to transfer your emails as a backup on other servers through FTP. These options are all implemented for the safety and integrity of your emails and they sure come in handy when you need the most.

Mirror/Shadow Backups
Shadow copies of your backups are available and every time there is a new update in the backup’s content, the original data will be synchronized with other locations that you previously set as mirrors. So even if your main backup file gets damaged, it will be restored immodestly by the Mirror backups.

Preview and Search function
With this Thunderbird for Mac Backup tool, you can restore any email that might be lost, as long as it’s in the backup you made with this program. You have the ‘search’ option at your disposal and an additional feature that allows you to preview the messages and make sure it’s the right one.

Keep your emails safe and never lose any of them. If you think it won’t happen to you, you are only living in ignorance. Take the safe route, use Mail Backup X by Invent Pure.

Perform Complete Apple Mail Email Backup and Recovery

Download the Mail Backup X for Mac and perform complete Apple Mail Email Backup and Recovery

For a very long time, information was only produced by a particular group of people and later on passed down to other people. However, the growth of digital technology has come to change all these. From a tweet to a video on YouTube, the internet has given people power to be creators and not just consumers of information. The internet has inspired people all over the world to create content in friendly platforms such as social networks, chat, and video services as well as the good old email communication. When it comes to email communication, it has remained as one of the most relevant forms of digital communication till today. As a result, companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Apple Mail have invested a lot in email communication and are developing email communication even further. On the contrary, most internet users with one or more email accounts do not take the security of their emails seriously.

In addition, due to the wide use of email communication by people all over the world, the content in our emails has consistently grown in quantity as well as quality. As a result, most email accounts contain a lot of sensitive information which can cause a lot of inconveniences if it gets corrupted or lost through some kind of accident. So what do you do to protect yourself against this risk? Like all digital data, emails to require an efficient, complete backup and archive system; either in a secure hard-drive or FTP server such as Dropbox or iCloud. For Mac users, with an Apple Mail account, finding a good backup software that can completely backup all Apple Mail emails is always a hard task. Nonetheless, the new Mail Backup X has come to change all these. It is an efficient and powerful tool that not only backs up Apple Mail emails but also archives and recovers them from various OSX mail accounts.

The Mail Backup X performs complete email backups to all popular OSX mail clients besides Apple Mail

As mentioned above, the Mail Backup X allows Mac users to back-up, recover and archive Apple Mail emails to a secure storage location. In order to perform this functions correctly, the Mail Backup X is fitted with all the necessary tools. For instance, besides Apple Mail, this tool is compatible with emails across different OSX email clients – as long as they support IMAP email protocols. Some of the popular email clients that support IMAP protocols are Yahoo Mail, Office 365 for Mac, Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook Windows, Postbox among many others. The email archives are then stored as PDF files, in order to retain the original structure of the files. This also makes it easy to access Apple Mail emails backups in your secure location by searching for either the subject, date, time-frame. For those who want to take it a notch higher, you can search for your Apple Mail email backups using complex AND and OR query operators.

In order to easily support multiple email files, the Mail Backup X allows Mac users to import archived emails that are exported from different mail clients such as .pst archive (for Windows Outlook), .olm archive (Outlook Mac 2011 archive), MBOX archive (for Apple mail), rge files (for Thunderbird and Postbox), as well as eml files among others. If you are looking for a stable, fast and effective tool to create your email backups to your Dropbox, iCloud or even to an external hard drive, the Mail Backup X is hands-down the best tool for the job.

In addition, the Mail Backup X contains an in-built email viewer hence no need to keep switching from one platform to the next when viewing email backups from various mail clients. As mentioned above, the email backups and archived files are then stored in PDF file format where they can be easily accessed through search modules, this makes the Mail Backup X is useful to both individuals and organizations.

This powerful Mac tool also supports incremental backups as well as its advanced feature where Mac users can set up mirror backup as well as distributed backups. As a result, this tool can come in really handy for businesses who need to share their email communication between staff members. Furthermore, this means that every email that enters or leaves your Apple email account is automatically and completely backed up to your account.

Enjoy more features equipped in the Mail Backup X that make it easy to perform Apple Mail complete email backup

The Mail Backup X is can be used by both individuals and organizations. This is possible since this Apple Mail widget comes with support for incremental backups as well as its advanced feature where Mac users can set up mirror backup as well as the distributed backup for all incoming and outgoing emails. Besides being a backup, archive and email recovery tool all at once, the Mail Backup X can also be used as an email viewer, as long as your email client supports IMAP mail protocols. This is made possible by the in-built mail viewer interface installed in this tool. As a result, Mac users will not have the need to keep switching screens from one platform to the next in case they own multiple email accounts. The archived files are then stored in PDF file format where they can be easily accessed through search modules.

The Mail Backup X features a professional inbuilt email viewer in order to guarantee both pros and rookies some ease-of-use. The email viewer in this Apple Mail backup and recovery tool is tailored to make it easy to backup, archive and restore emails across multiple email accounts. Furthermore, the Mail Backup X stores email backups and archive files in PDF format in order to ensure that this information is searchable, accessible and easily organized in folders and sub-folders in your external drive. It also features a lightning-fast search module that has the ability to search emails based on different criterion such as; time-frame, a word or just the subject of the email.

The Thunderbird for Mac Backup Tool Every Mac User Needs

Take care of your Mailbox with InventPure’s Thunderbird for Mac Backup program, intuitively called Mail Backup X

thunderbird for mac backup tool

You are here because you need a way to keep your email data safe from any kind of corruption. Sometimes your computer may crash, or the power may fail or even a virus could be the source of the trouble.

We are here to tell you that all of those problems can be history if you choose Mail Backup X. This Thunderbird for Mac Backup tool was specially designed to be able to do anything you may need it to do in the most simple and efficient possible way.

Features Supported by Thunderbird for Mac Backup Tool:-

  1. Supported email platforms

Mail Backup X works with any email provider that stores its emails using the IMAP format. Fortunately enough, every client uses IMAP, so you don’t have to check if your program is compatible, because it is. Such email services also include the web based ones like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook Live Mail.

  1. Backup Types – We implemented two kinds of backup techniques in this Thunderbird for Mac Backup Tool to keep things simple, but don’t worry, because those two are enough to satisfy every email user.
    1. Incremental Backup

This one was designed especially for those who don’t have time or experience to play around with the Thunderbird for Mac Backup widget. Here you have two possibilities. You can either pick the auto sync option which will back up every email you receive, or you set a date and time when the backup will be created with the content of the mailbox.

    1. Distributed Backup

This one is a little more complicated but the extra safety it provides is worth the trouble. Use this method to store your backup database on separate volumes in separate locations. You can simply store the primary backup database on a Flash Drive and use it whenever you need to restore your files or store several pieces in various locations.

  1. Backing up old files

Perhaps you still have some old emails stored on your computer but you uninstalled the client. Don’t worry about that, Mail Backup X is able to recognize any kind of email file and back it up without having the mail platform installed.

  1. Preview feature

When the time to recover files will come, and it will come, you may want to find a specific email. The backup database will have several emails stored within and it would be quite unwise and inefficient to restore 100 emails when you only needed a few. The preview option, together with the Search&Sort function will allow you to find a specific email from your database and then restore it separately.

  1. The Thunderbird for Mac Backup application will never be outdated

The best part about Thunderbird for Mac Backup Application is that you can backup a certain format of emails and then restore it to another one to fit your current email platform. Perhaps you are now using Thunderbird for Mac, but in the future, you may switch to something else entirely. With Mail Backup X you will be able to take the backed up emails from Thunderbird and restore them to a format supported by any email provider you need.

With this Thunderbird for Mac Backup software, you are guaranteed to have your emails safe forever. Even if the backup database itself gets corrupted, have no worry, Mail Backup X also stores shadow backups. You just can’t get safer than this.

Learn How to Backup Thunderbird for Mac with Mail Backup X here: http://www.mailbackupx.com/how-to-scenerios/how-to-backup-thunderbird-for-mac-mails-on-mac.html

Perform Apple Mail Backup for all Emails

You can perform Apple mail backup for all emails in a perfect order using the one and only Mail backup X.

How to use Mail backup X for Apple Mail backup all emails to extract maximum benefit of it?

In your daily life, you might have noticed instances when your Mac system got corrupted suddenly without any prior fault in the system and to worsen the situation, you found your important emails had got deleted. This definitely is a big loss as those emails and attachments could be required in your office anytime in future. What will you do in that case?

You can face and in fact overcome all these critical conditions in a very easy and safe manner. Yes, this is possible when you install Mail Backup X, our Apple Mail Backup Tool on your system. You get the complete backup facility for your Apple mail inbox, outbox and archived emails and this facility is available for all Apple mail clients as well and that too, using the same Apple Mail Backup application.

This Apple Mail Backup utility has been developed by InventPure Company which has an expertise in the manufacture of Mac tools. They provide you all the important facilities which you, as a user, would need to the backup files of Apple emails.

Some important features are also present in the Apple Mail Backup app which you need to know in detail.

  • This apple mail backup tool supports all email clients- Outlook Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox, Office 360 for Mac. You don’t need to worry about all mail clients, as usual functioning are taken in your system and complete backup will be provided for sure.
  • You are sure to get all backed up files and folders arranged in a proper and well – arranged manner. And also you don’t need to see your emails by switching the screen again and again. All backed up Mails are on one screen in separate folders which provide you satisfaction for using Apple Mail Backup software.
  • The Very advanced search system is available in your backup emails searching. You don’t take enough time for finding your needs in backed up emails. You get you desired emails very soon because you have the option to find it out by typing their name and dates.
  • For your help our Apple Mail Backup utility provides you all backed up emails in PDF format. This process helps you in downloading and uploading emails in a very easy and fast manner. It is easy to store for long period of time.
  • One of the most advanced and essential technologies that have been used in Apple Mail backup utility is Ultra-high compression method because of which you can store life time backed up emails in your Mac system. Through this technology, your emails get compressed and occupy less space of your Mac system.

If you want to get more information about the tool you must visit the site www.mailbackupx.com. The Company InventPure gives you all the information and surety of the tool’s functioning and you can also get the trial version for first 15 days here.